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Faith Baptist Church exists to glorify God by making disciples through Christ-centered mission, worship, relationships, and service.
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The Sunday service helps you enter into community where you have the opportunity to practice love. But joining a Life Group is where relationships grow deeper… both your relationship with God and your relationship with others. At Faith Baptist Church, we have semester based Life Groups that we offer three times a year (Spring, Summer & Fall). Each semester lasts about three months followed by a one-­‐month break.

Fall Semester: September 2018 – December 2018
Spring Semester: January 2019 – June 2019

We currently have many Life Groups meeting around the Cape weekly:

Group Study Leader Day of Week Time Location
Sermon Study Dan Sprout Tuesday 6:30 PM East Sandwich
Women Only Diane Dorr Friday 10:00 AM At the church
Women Only Sue Sprout Wednesday 7:00 PM At the church
Sermon Study Dave Robbins Wednesday 6:30 PM Falmouth
Sermon Study Lee Holzmacher Wednesday 6:30 PM Sandwich
Men Only  Tim Brown Thursday 7:00 AM At the church
Students Napoleon Silva Tuesday 6:30 PM At the church
Young Adults James Penswick Wednesday 6:30 PM Sandwich
Sermon Study Michael Moynihan Thursday 6:00 PM Centerville
Marriage Jason Houle Wednesday 6:00 PM Marstons Mills

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The purpose of Life Groups is to connect people to Jesus Christ and one another in authentic Christ-­‐centered community that will promote transformation through living out the Gospel in our relationships, study of God’s Word together, prayer and outreach.

There are many benefits to joining a Life Group. Here are five of those benefits (although there are many more!) as they correlate with our Core Values…

1. MISSION: Life Groups help you point others to God. Once per month, each Life Group works together to reach out to the community showing Christ’s love in a practical way through a servant evangelism project.

2. WORSHIP: Life Groups encourage you to attend the Sunday service. As you build relationships in your group, you will look forward to seeing those same friends on Sunday.

3. RELATIONSHIPS: Life Groups provide mutually beneficial, spiritually uplifting relationships. Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron so a friend sharpens a friend.” You will help others grow spiritually and they will help you.

4. SERVICE: Life Groups give you people to love and people to love you. When someone in the group is hurting, the Life Group mobilizes to show the love of Jesus to them in practical ways.

5. PRAYER: Life Groups give you people to pray for and people to pray for you. Every Life Group will end with prayer requests. Someone will close in prayer but those prayer requests will also be sent by email to each person in the group so they can be praying throughout the week as well.

Although the topics discussed in each group may vary from sermon-­‐based to topical studies approved by the leadership, the following are the general components of every Life Group at Faith.

• Connect With One Another
Each meeting we’ll take time to enjoy refreshments and fellowship. Our discussion time will open with sharing questions that will help us get to know one another and share what is happening in our lives.

• Study God’s Word
Each meeting we’ll study a section from God’s Word that relates to the previous Sunday’s message or a topic approved by the leadership.

• Living the Truth of Jesus Christ
We are to be “doers of the Word, not hearers only” (James 1:22), so this part of the lesson is designed to help the group apply what God’s Word says. Once per month we’ll be involved in a service project where we’ll live out the Gospel in our community.

• Praying Together
Each meeting we’ll learn how to care for each other as Christ commanded. This care can take many forms such as prayers, encouragement, listening, challenging one another, and meeting real needs.

Ideally Life Groups are a place where people experience genuine Christian community. To help achieve this, please follow these simple guidelines.

• Christ‐Centered: The ultimate mission of the group is to encourage people to grow in their relationship with Christ.

• Caring for one another: We are all on a journey. Part of growing together means we support, respect, and accept one another right where we are. Practically, this means listening well—allowing everyone to participate (no one monopolizes the discussion), and listening while resisting the temptation to give advice or ‘fix it.’

• Confidentiality: As a general rule, what is shared in the group stays in the group.

• Commitment: While it is recognized that not everyone will always be able to make every meeting, the group is encouraged to make full participation in the life of the group a high priority.

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Glorifying God. Making Disciples.

Faith Baptist Church exists to glorify God by making disciples through Christ-centered mission, worship, relationships, and service.

We meet Sunday mornings at 9:00 & 11:00 AM. We look forward to seeing you.

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