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Men's Radical Mentoring

As we continue to seek growth and deepen our connection with Christ and one another, we are excited to extend an invitation to you for a transformative journey – the Radical Mentoring Group at Capefiath Church.

What is Radical Mentoring?

Radical Mentoring is a once-a-month commitment spanning ten months, designed to provide a unique opportunity for spiritual growth and fellowship among the men of our church. Through this program, we will engage in meaningful discussions, delve into inspiring books, strengthen our relationships, and deepen our understanding of Scripture.

Why Join?

  • Spiritual Growth: Discover a deeper connection with Christ through intentional study and reflection.
  • Community Building: Forge meaningful relationships with other men in our church, creating a supportive and encouraging community.
  • Scripture Exploration: Dive into the Word of God, gaining a richer understanding of its teachings and how they apply to our lives.


  • Frequency: Once a month for ten months.
  • Activities: Book discussions, relationship-building sessions, and scripture study.

Important Note

Your commitment to this Radical Mentoring Group has the potential to be a life-changing experience, both spiritually and relationally. We encourage you to consider this opportunity seriously and prayerfully.

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